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90 out of 10 people agree that math is fucking lame

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now hold on just a diddly-darn minute

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Tumblr right now is one big shrine to Ceili and Kevinah and I love it

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Carrickfergus castle!!!!

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Under 19 lady Emma Tynan never recalled at World’s. This year she placed 9th.



Anything is possible.


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sweet nothings

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Dance practice:


Friend: What’s the new set?

Friend: Did she change the reels?

Friend: What are we doing for the hornpipes?


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"I hope younger dancers can look up to this and you know believe in themselves and follow their dreams and believe that it can happen, yes you might get a knock here or there but you know you can’t give up" - Lauren Smyth, Lead Dancer in Riverdance and a Festival Dancer

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hi I’m jack and all I do is watch modern family and cuddle my minion

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So I’ve been getting a few comments and messages about how “perfect” “flawless” “amazing” my poof is in my pictures and for that I want to thank you. Thank you for making me feel so much better about the situation I’m going through. With that being said, I feel like I should tell you all the poof is fake. By fake I mean I got real hair clip in extensions to make it. I currently am going through treatments and don’t have much hair. It’s really hard for me because with the wig you need the poof and for the poof you need the hair and with the hair you also have to make the buns, but I don’t have enough hair so I had to buy those hair clips. The director of my school told me to just forget the dance wig and we’d figure something else out or I could wear my hat instead. I turned that down IMMEDIATELY. Without my wig I’d stick out like a sore thumb and the last thing I want is the attention it would bring to me. I don’t like when people see me in my hat and instantly treat me different because they feel bad. Don’t get me wrong I love attention just as much as the next person, but not this kind. Without my wig I wouldn’t feel like an Irish dancer. I realize the wig is an accessory and doesn’t make you an Irish dancer, but deep down inside I would feel like I don’t have the whole package and am missing something. Besides, wearing that wig is one of my favorite parts :) It brings out a different side of me and really gets me pumped up to get out there and dance. I think it’s because of how bouncy it is! My everyday wig, on the right, doesn’t do that. What I love about my regular wig is that I can hide everything and not have to worry about people seeing, it makes me feel like a “normal” person, which I can’t do with my dance wig. I’m constantly checking my dance wig to make sure the poof looks real and doesn’t show anything like the clips, even though it always does. I also worry about it falling off because I can hardly pin it. As much as I love wearing wearing my dance wig, it is a constant reminder that I am sick and not “normal” like everyone else living a “normal” life. It really does get to me. That’s why I want to thank all of you who commented on my poof. To you it was just a little thing, but to me it’s a huge thing. It makes me think that hey, maybe I can do this and make it work. It also makes me feel a lot better about everything I’m going through. Words cannot even begin to explain it how much it means to me. I’m glad I got a tumblr because of all of you. Thank you guys so so much!

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it’s a father son kinda thing ;)

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People legitimately “cyber bully” me all the time because the only thing I ever talk about on twitter and whatever else social media is dance. Guess they don’t realize that I don’t care. At least I have something to be passionate about and I’m not wasting my life away.

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